The hand, or feel, of a fabric is just as important as the visual impact, so we invite you to select up to five fabric swatches free of charge. Explore the possibilities of color and texture on your custom chair.
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Performance Linen: Natural

Performance Linen: Oatmeal

Performance Linen: Fog

Performance Linen: Zinc

Performance Linen: Mink

Performance Linen: Blush

Performance Linen: Meadow

Performance Linen: Sky

Performance Velvet: Cloud

Performance Velvet: Tussah

Performance Velvet: Mushroom

Performance Velvet: Glacier

Classic Velvet: Balsam

Classic Velvet: Lipstick

Classic Velvet: Emerald

Classic Velvet: Navy

Herringbone Twill: Off White

Herringbone Twill: Petal

Herringbone Twill: Celery

Herringbone Twill: Dune

Herringbone Twill: Greystone

Herringbone Twill: Cherry