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Can you walk me through the steps to customize a chair?

We offer six styles - or Collections - of chairs and barstools:  The Alexander, The Baker, The Densmore, The Greenwell, The Everett, and the Lee Children's Chair. 

Select the desired Collection and then select between the arm or side chair. This will direct you to the Product page. By clicking on options in the drop boxes you may select the finish, the fabric, the monogram style and desired initials, and finally the thread color. The customization feature allows you to immediately see how your monogram will look on the chair and the price of the chair based on the options selected. But please keep in mind this is a computer generated image and does not reflect the quality, craftsmanship, and overall beauty of the actual product. We encourage you to have fun with the customization feature and view all the different possibilities.

We have also provided a Monograms tab where you can study the different monograms available. By clicking on a specific monogram you will see a composite of how all the letters look in that particular monogram. Honestly, some letters look better in one monogram than they do in another. You may prefer the Kate "S" to the Charlotte "S" or vice versa. Invest some time looking at the monogram options to see which best suits your initials and the visual you hope to achieve. And then go customize your chair!

If you have any questions about the customization feature, please contact us at or call        (252) 258-9606.


What is the correct order of initials in a monogram?

For individuals, a traditional three-initial monogram is the first name initial on the left, the last name initial in the center and larger, and the middle name initial on the right. You may also choose a
two-initial monogram using the first and last initials.

In recent years, couples have been opting for a "duogram"or joined monogram. For married couples with the same last name, the wife's first name initial is on the left, the couple's last name initial in the center and larger, and the husband's first name initial on the right. For couples with different last names or hyphenated last names, a popular option is a two-initial monogram using the initials of both last names or both first names with the woman's on the left. 

If you have a three-initial monogram whose acronym has other meaning as well, it is completely appropriate to switch the letters or consider a two-letter monogram. When it is all said and done, it is your choice. And remember, a monogram should represent what is most meaningful to you.


Do you accept COMs?

Yes we do. Before ordering the yardage required, we request you send us a sample of the fabric you have in mind so we can confirm that a successful monogram can be produced. If you have any questions, please contact us at: or call (252) 258-9606.


My fiancé and I have had a custom monogram created for our wedding. Is it possible to have our monogram put on two of your chairs to be used at the head table at our reception?

Absolutely. We love working with custom monograms to make a special event even more special. Even though you may already have access to a digitized file, we will create a digitized file to ensure the aesthetic and performance quality of the monogram we put on your chairs.  

Please contact us at for more information about using a custom monogram.


What is your Return Policy?

Each chair from J. Wilkinson Chair Company is a custom piece designed by you and created especially for you. Please review your order very carefully prior to placing it as we cannot accept cancellations or returns due to the very custom nature of our process.  We hope you will appreciate the slight variations in wood grains, finishes, fabric color and texture, monograms, dimensions, placement, and composition that are characteristic of any custom piece of furniture. That is what makes them so special. We may occasionally make slight adjustments to the size, placement, and stitch pattern of a monogram but only for the purpose of enhancing the overall aesthetic.

We take great care with every order and always try to avoid mistakes of any kind. However, if a mistake does occur on our end to an order placed correctly, we will gladly make things right. Our desire is for you to be thrilled with your purchase and your experience with J. Wilkinson Chair Company


What is your Shipping Policy?

Your custom order should arrive in 12 to 14 weeks. Tracking information will be provided once your order has shipped.

Shipping charges include White Glove Service. Several days prior to your shipment reaching its destination, you will receive a call from our delivery partner to schedule a day / time for home delivery. Upon delivery your order will be taken to your room of choice, set in place, unpacked, and all packaging materials removed.

J. Wilkinson Chair Company delivers within the continental United States and the District of Columbia.


Are your chairs made for outdoor use?

The short answer is no. However with that said, our chairs can be used and enjoyed whenever an outdoor event is planned. All the fabrics we offer are performance which certainly lends them to outdoor use.  Feature them at an outdoor wedding reception, dinner party, bridal portrait, baby shower, graduation party ... any celebration really.  Just remember to bring them indoors at night or the first sign of inclement weather!


In addition to purchasing monogrammed host and hostess chairs I would like to purchase four side chairs for our dining room as well but prefer they not be monogrammed. Is this possible?

Yes. We offer a 20% discount for coordinating chairs without a monogram when purchased in conjunction with an order of one or more custom monogram chairs.


Are more fabric colors available?

Yes, there are more color options available for each of our fabric styles:  Performance Linens, Performance Velvets, and Performance Diamond Twills. 

If you are looking for a color not offered on our website, please contact us at or call        (252) 258-9606 and we will work with you to identify the perfect color for your space.


I have existing family chairs that I would like to have monogrammed. Could I get J. Wilkinson Chair to provide just the monograms?

Yes, we can provide a "monogram only" service for existing chairs. While we cannot provide upholstery services for these products, we will be happy to share tips for the successful upholstery of your  monogram panels. If you are interested, please contact us at or give us a call at          (252) 258-9606 to discuss the specifics of your request.








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